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Winter 2011 Newsletter

RFFI Takes Stock!

As 2011 draws to a close the Redwood Forest Foundation's Board, advisors, staff, volunteers and community partners are taking stock of our accomplishments and preparing to address the tasks before us.

2011 was a seminal year in RFFI's development. RFFI turned a major corner in its work to advance socially responsible, free-market solutions to timberland ownership and management. It is demonstrating a model for acquiring, managing and restoring depleted forests for the long-term benefit of the community. By placing a conservation easement on the 50,000-acre Usal Redwood Forest, we have laid the groundwork for promoting healthy, sustainable natural systems -- that nourish both natural communities and human communities, sustainably -- long into the future.

RFFI Milestones
  • 1997:  Diverse, grass-roots organizers put aside years of mistrust and strife to establish the Redwood Forest Foundation.

  • 2007:  RFFI buys Usal Redwood Forest - the world's largest working redwood forest in non-profit ownership.

  • 2007-11:  Engages thousands of supporters in planning and community-based forest-focused activities.

  • 2008-11:  Invests more than $2,000,000 in forest and stream restoration; salmon return to our streams.

  • 2008-11:  Injects more than $3,000,000 into the regional economy in management and timber related jobs.

  • 2011:  Permanently protects Usal Redwood Forest - largest working forest conservation easement in California.

  • 2011:  Permanently protects, assures public access to 957-acres of coastal redwoods via sale to Save the Redwoods League.

RFFI Moves Forward to Make Community Forestry a Reality
  • Engage the community in the development of our Forest Stewardship Plan.

  • Develop a long-term Forest Management Plan.

  • Secure Forest Stewardship Certification.

  • Submit our first timber harvest plans.

  • Create community access to Usal.

  • Actively pursue plans for Native American and Nature Study Center.

  • Provide access to tan oak orchards for Native American acorn-gathering.

  • Complete planning and open mobile biochar plant on Usal.

RFFI says "Thank You"

Thank you to all our loyal supporters, generous donors and volunteers. Your help has made this all possible. The ambitious and complex transaction that now protects 50,000 acres of redwood forest was made possible by the support of a strong coalition of national and local elected officials, conservation organizations, industry leaders and committed RFFI supporters. This landmark transaction will permanently protect a landscape almost twice the size of the city of San Francisco. We hope you will continue to support us as we move forward in our joint effort to make community forestry a reality.

Photograph by Frances Freyberg
Photograph by Frances Freyberg

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