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Spring 2016 Newsletter

by Kathy Moxon

Kathy Moxon
Kathy Moxon
Board Chair
Redwood Forest Foundation

How does it feel to be independent of the services of Campbell Global? Much like a teenager striking out on her own for the first time; it's exciting, hopeful, idealistic and a little scary.

It's exciting because it represents the next stage of our organizational development—having our own forestry staff. We're hopeful that these changes will help us better align the RFFI mission and vision with our recovering forest—including increased volunteer opportunities, educational partnerships and economic opportunities for local residents.

The idealistic element is our conviction that the current carbon credit markets can support good forest management decisions in the short run and a quicker transition to selection management. Independence is a little scary. We are realizing and appreciating everything Campbell Global did for us that we now need to manage on our own.

Here's an overview of RFFI's news, some of which is expanded elsewhere in this newsletter. We completed registration of our carbon project with Climate Action Registration (CAR), the first big step toward being able to sell carbon credits that will count as emission offsets for businesses. The income from these sales will help reduce our debt with Bank of America. By working diligently, we hope to have this process completed by this fall.

We also have several new associates to help us move along. Please join us in welcoming new board member, Bill Snyder, retired director of Cal Fire. Bill has already given generously of his time, and he played a significant role in our having been awarded Forest Stewardship Council certification in 2015.

Also, thanks to funding from the Giles Mead Foundation, we have been able to hire a volunteer coordinator: Johanna Cummings will work to increase our outreach and deepen community relationships. We are excited to see RFFI's mission coming to life in 2016. We hope you feel it as well and want to be involved and support the progress.

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