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Spring 2015 Newsletter

Community Support for RFFI Biochar Pays Off!
by Judith Hardwood

Judith Hardwood
Judith Hardwood
Biochar Project Coordinator

RFFI's two final workshops and tours in April 2015 received rave reviews from the attendees!

More than 100 participants listened as the project partners explained that the Biochar Demonstration Project is wrapping up and has met its goals. The most exciting results are reflected in the economic analysis, which revealed that in a real world commercial venture, the biochar project will be self-sustaining, with sales revenue covering all costs - including manual thinning of tanoak, transport, chipping, conversion unit operation, project management and overhead.

The analysis found that projects like this can indeed be economically feasible under various implementable scenarios, including locating portable units, like RFFI's, closer to the project sites. The results of the demonstration project and thorough economic analysis confirm that it is now possible to transition into commercial biochar operation.

North Coast Biochar logo
North Coast Biochar

Visit to watch the biochar documentary and North Coast Biochar film and read the final reports, the Biochar Economic Analysis, Marketing Study. Sign up online for e-blasts, tours and notifications of future tours and announcements about this truly community-wide effort, its sponsors and team participants. And, of course, please do visit Willits Soil Inc. to purchase our biochar!

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