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Spring 2012 Newsletter

Citizens Rally to keep Standish-Hickey
State Recreation Area Open

Standish-Hickey State Recreation Area An important neighbor on the Usal Redwood Forest's eastern border, the Standish Hickey State Recreation Area (SHSRA), is slated for closure on July 1 of this year because of state budget cuts.

Located north of Leggett just off Highway 101, this 1,012 acre park offers camping, picnicking, hiking, fishing and swimming on the South Fork of the Eel River, which winds through the property for almost two miles. One of the area's few remaining virgin redwood stands is protected in this park and can be seen along the Grove Trail, which also offers disabled access, as do several of the park's campsites. SHSRA also serves as an essential staging area for firefighting, as it offers access to important water storage sites and food preparation facilities and accommodations for fire fighters. But despite its strategic importance, full campgrounds during the summer season, and significance to local tourism and rural employment, SHSRA, like six other Mendocino area state parks, is slated for closure.

In response, a group of citizen volunteers from surrounding communities, including tribal members and representatives of nonprofit organizations, have come together to form "Team Standish" to focus on ways to keep the park open. Tirelessly mobilizing local resources, Team Standish approached the Mendocino Area Parks Association (MAPA), a non-profit originally formed to support interpretive programs in Mendocino Area State Parks. MAPA has recently taken the lead in fighting local park closures through collaboration with businesses, citizens, and non-profits. With vital support from the California State Parks Foundation and in collaboration with Team Standish, MAPA submitted a proposal to California State Parks to operate SHSRA on April 20, 2012. Under this proposal, MAPA will serve at the fiscal agent and Team Standish will focus on day-to-day park administration. Meanwhile the park remains open, awaiting a decision. To learn more, please go to

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