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Spring 2010 Newsletter

Kathy Moxon, President, Board of Directors

Kathy Moxon
Kathy Moxon

Spring always brings about that feeling of rejuvenation after the long winter and RFFI is gearing up for a busy year! Our agenda is full: preparing for the sale of the conservation easement, monitoring carbon credit markets, developing the Option A for the Usal Forest, re-engaging our community advisory committees and fundraising to support both programs and projects of RFFI.

In line with these goals, we have restructured our board leadership with Don Kemp and I switching places - he becoming the vice president and me taking on the mantle of president. This will free Don to work more intensively on Usal related projects including the easement and carbon while I will focus on enhancing RFFI's organizational structure and capacity, and the interface with the community and the region.

This issue will give you some insight into what RFFI has underway as well as opportunities for you to engage. Whether your interest is forest management, recreational planning, regional collaboration, or supporting events that bring awareness of and support to RFFI's working forest model, I hope you will be part of our success.

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Spring 2010 Newsletter
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