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Spring 2010 Newsletter

Restoration and Stewardship News
by Richard Gienger, Board Member

RFFI continues intensive work in a variety of arenas to pursue restoration and stewardship of the Usal Forest.

Before crossing removal - Clark Fork tributary of Standley Creek The road decommissioning work featured in the fall newsletter brought natural stream flow back to Clark Fork, a major tributary of Standley Creek, for the first time in probably 50 years. This critical restoration, supported by the California Dept. of Fish and Game, will continue in other parts of the Standley Creek watershed this summer.

In all, this work has pumped $2 million into the local community and local contractors in addition to putting the Usal Redwood Forest on a path to restoration of its silvicultural, aquatic and biological treasures. True realization of our restoration goals will take time and continued grant funding.

Additionally, RFFI is making significant progress on the development of a stewardship plan that incorporates all related plans such as the Fire Hazard Reduction Plan and addresses other critical management considerations. All this work supports RFFI's pursuit of certification by the Forest Stewardship Council for sustainable forest management.

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Spring 2010 Newsletter
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