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Spring 2009 Newsletter

Usal News
Candy Skarlatos, Chair, Usal Redwood Forest Mgt. Committee

Since purchasing the Usal Redwood Forest Usal Redwood Forest in 2007, the Redwood Forest Foundation (RFFI) has focused on fulfilling our mission of safeguarding economic values and ecological integrity in perpetuity. We understand that our success depends on our ability to be a patient owner of a young forest whose qualities have been seriously affected by past management. For the first few decades, projected harvest levels will be minimal (relying on RFFI's base conservation scenario). Our priorities include:

  • Sale of a conservation easement to The Conservation Fund to implement our base conservation plan and keep Usal a working forest.

  • Develop a strategic restoration plan that will help RFFI set priorities, better understand the environmental conditions at Usal, and design appropriate silvicultural and management strategies.

  • Develop a sustained yield plan to address state-mandated sustainability requirements, which will enable RFFI to conduct timber management and restoration activities.

  • Secure Forest Stewardship Council certification for Usal in the next four years.

In 2008, we initiated several restoration projects that address both economic and environmental concerns, including:

  • Decommission a degraded road system, which addresses watershed erosion and sedimentation issues.

  • Establish a fuel break during winter months to address timberland fire risks and seasonal employment needs.

  • Initiate spawning salmon and steelhead counts on Anderson Creek, a tributary to the Eel River and an important spawning stream, adding information to the regional fisheries database.

In future newsletters, we look forward to sharing more detail on our restoration and forest management activities, as well as announcing field trips and opportunities for member participation in restoration projects at our first community forest at Usal.

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Spring 2009 Newsletter
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