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Fall 2014 Newsletter

Redwoods Planted as Tribute to Teen-Ager
Who Moved Thousands to Appreciate Nature

Elizabeth Finley Broaddus
Elizabeth Finley Broaddus

Elizabeth Finley Broaddus' mother, Julie, entreats us: "Please smile when you see nature in its glory, laugh at our own foolishness, and bear all things with strength and selflessness - and to pay her tribute, remember to care for this planet as she cared so much. In this way you will help to keep her with us."

Members of Finley's extended family in California and Texas arranged for the Redwood Forest Foundation (RFFI) to plant 25 redwoods in her honor after a rare form of liver cancer claimed the Virginia teenager's life. This tribute was a particularly fitting celebration of Elizabeth's life, for she was an avid supporter of tree-planting projects. While battling the incurable cancer that was diagnosed in December 2013, she set up Finley's Green Leap Forward. Read about her work, in support of "local and global efforts that have a positive impact on the environment, moving us forward towards a healthy, sustainable planet" at:

Friends and family members set a goal to raise at least $18,000 by Elizabeth's 18th birthday on March 12, 2014. By that date, donations to the fund had surpassed $74,000 and by Earth Day 2014 they had reached $100,000.

"Finley's Fight" ended on June 2, 2014, but she continues to inspire thousands through her courage and her foundation to support global environmental causes.

This tribute was made possible via RFFI's Plant a Redwood. RFFI is proud to play a part in honoring this exceptional young woman who remains an inspiration and standard bearer for our mission and work. Visit for more information about Elizabeth and Plant a Redwood Now!

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