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Fall 2011 Newsletter

Kathy Moxon, President, Board of Directors

Kathy Moxon
Kathy Moxon

I want to start by thanking all our loyal supporters for helping to make the funding for our conservation easement a reality. This was a critical benchmark in the long journey to create the community based forest we envision, and RFFI is now busy addressing the many details still to be completed before the transaction is finalized. The anticipated closing date for the easement is September 30, 2011. The Conservation Fund will hold the easement and monitor our activities annually.

In addition to completing the easement, we are in the process of selling Shady Dell to Save the Redwoods League. This 955 acre parcel along Usal beach also contains the Enchanted Forest, and we anticipate that it will eventually move into public ownership.

So what is next? In the coming months we will be working on our Stewardship Plan, moving forward on our Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC), submitting our first timber harvest plans, and continuing to work through the hurdles for creating community access. There will be plenty of opportunities to engage, so watch for those.

This is the UN's International Year of the Forest, and our contribution to this global effort was our hugely successful "Paint the Forest" contest. That exhibit is now traveling to galleries around the nation. RFFI will be sending you invitations to local exhibits and if you have ideas for other showings, please let us know. In addition, if you haven't seen President Obama's Great Outdoors Initiative, check it out.

If you share the dream of seeing 50,000 acres of productive timberland and healthy watersheds contribute to local well being, then join us in the work being done to make it a reality. It will be years before the forest recovers enough to be profitable from timber production, until then, think of your contributions as a legacy for your children and theirs.

Invest in Redwood Forest Foundation today. October is membership month, our annual campaign to expand RFFI's community. Please join, renew or give a gift membership now. All your contributions - whether of time or money - increase our capacity to engage you personally and the broader public in the collaborative efforts needed to create and implement an enduring future for the Usal Redwood Forest.

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