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Fall 2010 Newsletter

Community Outreach
by Art Harwood, Executive Director

Art Harwood
Art Harwood
Executive Director of RFFI

This year RFFI is working on several fronts to move forward with our community outreach goals. Redwood Futures is advancing through regular meetings in Mendocino County and now several local initiatives are taking shape. For details, check the Redwood Futures section of our website.

RFFI is also working with local tribes to set aside an 8-acre acorn orchard in the Usal Redwood Forest (URF) that can be used by all California Tribes for acorn gathering and cultural activities. We've also submitted several grant proposals seeking funding to build a Native American and Nature Study Center in the URF. Our work with the Mendocino County Woody Biomass Working Group is evaluating the potential of installing a mobile biomass unit in the Usal that could ultimately process non-commercial hardwoods and generate funds to pay for forest restoration.

Additionally, as you'll see in this newsletter, important progress is being made on the conservation easement and our stewardship plan, the feature article of this issue. As always, check for details and opportunities to participate.

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