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2010 Appeal From Kathy Moxon
RFFI Board President

November, 2010

Thank you for your past support. Your generosity and two major grants from the Goldman Fund and Bank of America enabled us to capitalize on the strong level of interest in our work.

United Nations International Year of Forests
Fortuitously, the United Nations General Assembly has declared 2011 the "International Year of Forests."

Kathy Moxon
Kathy Moxon
President, Board of Directors

Very much in keeping with RFFI's focus on working community forests, the UN has subtitled this initiative "Celebrate Forests for People" with the intent of strengthening global awareness and commitment to sustainable forest management, conservation and sustainable development for the benefit of current and future genera-tions across all types of forests. We are seizing this opportunity to engage the global community in our efforts to revitalize the environment, the economy and achieve social equity.

2010 Highlights
In 2010, RFFI partners... volunteers, businesses, radio stations and community members... have helped RFFI:

  • Secure $500,000 for and perform forest and stream restoration work on Usal Redwood Forest
  • Make significant progress toward the sale of a conservation easement on Usal Redwood Forest
  • Launch a successful campaign to rescue thousands of abandoned baby redwoods
  • Commit to set aside Acorn Gathering Orchards in Usal for Tribal Use
  • Initiate a global public information campaign to engage and educate communities about our work
  • Infuse 1.3 million dollars into the local economy
  • Sponsor a successful national juried art contest for art depicting the beauty and plight of forests
  • Partner with industry, scientists, regulators and other organizations to launch Redwood Futures a regional initiative to revitalize the redwood region's environment and economy.

Help Us Develop And Replicate Our Unique Model Of Working Community Forests
In 2011, we need your continued support. Intensified interest by the public, industry, professionals, scientists and educators has created a need for RFFI to expand its work in four project areas:

  • Redwood Futures: RFFI is being encouraged by peers, colleagues and community members to take a leadership role in the regional initiative known as Redwood Futures.
  • Monetizing Eco-system Services: Selling the Conservation Easement and Carbon Credits. Selling the easement and carbon credits will allow us to realize crucial environmental, economic, social and cultural objectives.
  • Stewardship of Usal Redwood Forest: We own, manage and are restoring our 51,000 acre Usal Redwood Forest that has significant environmental, economic, social and cultural value. This holistic approach to sustainable land and forest planning has both local and global ramifications.
  • Community Development: Our community outreach efforts have been remarkably effective, engaging hundreds of redwood region residents, industries, agencies and legislative representatives in planning for public access and education in Usal and fundraising. Our fundraising has been successful despite these very bleak financial times but, even so, will not be sufficient to replace the last of our Goldman funding.

Please help RFFI Celebrate Forests for People in 2011, the International Year of Forests. As the season of holiday giving approaches, please consider a year-end gift that is truly an investment in your community, the forest and the region's economy. It is a gift that will generate returns to all for generations to come.

Kathy Moxon, President
Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc.

Redwood Forest Foundation
2010 Annual Update
Redwood Forest Foundation: 2010 Annual Update
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