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Ferns in Redwood Forest, photo credit: Greg Jirak  


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RFFI Appreciates Foundation Support

Bank of America logo Thank you, once again, to the Bank of America Foundation for their $50,000 grant in 2012, marking the second time this Foundation has made a grant to support RFFI's important effort to revitalize the regional ecology and economy in an equitable manner. RFFI is very grateful to the Foundation and to the Bank of America for their ongoing support.

RFFI deeply appreciates the two-year $40,000 grant from the Giles W. and Elise Mead Foundation. The grant supports the research and development of an ecologically and economically sound model for carbon sequestration and policy-making around carbon credit sales on Usal Redwood Forest.

RFFI Needs Your Help Dr. Giles Mead, scientist and philanthropist, was one of RFFI's Founders. His belief in our work prompted him to make an unsolicited grant of $100,000 in 1990s. A large old-growth redwood tree was dedicated in RFFI's Founder's Grove in the Kenny Grove in Usal Redwood Forest in honor of Dr. Mead, a renowned ichthyologist and museum director, as an enduring tribute to his generosity and a lifetime of commitment to resource, land and habitat conservation.

Henry Gundling & Giles Mead's daughters
Henry Gundling and Giles Mead's daughters

Redwood Bark

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