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2016 Annual Appeal

Annual Update
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Kathy Moxon, Board Chairman From the desk of Kathy Moxon
Board Chairman of the
Redwood Forest Foundation

Winter 2016

The recent old-growth redwood tree dedication to Art Harwood, an inspiration and keeper of the RFFI mission, was an opportunity to reflect on both the past and future. It reminded me, there are naysayers, people who don't believe communities could / should own and manage timberland and didn't believe the RFFI concept was viable. We've not only made progress, the RFFI model has influenced other organizations to shift from preservation to conservation forestry.

What we have accomplished pales in comparison to our aspirations. We envision a well-stocked forest, providing jobs in the woods, quality habitat for land and aquatic species and a place where people reconnect, rejuvenate and learn. That's a tall order — and won't happen without your help.

Probably our most challenging goal is to avoid the use of herbicides, something many say is impossible — definitely outside of mainstream practices. By using manual labor to control brush after harvest, a regulatory requirement, we have avoided using poisons. The work is difficult and expensive, but clearly preferred by local residents. Who, if not RFFI, will undertake the experimentation and dogged persistence it will take to succeed? Success could be a game changer at the state level and your gifts can support that outcome.

Take a look at our ambitious priorities — Redwood Forests for Our Future and see how your generous donation can make them a reality.

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Kathleen Moxon

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