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Ferns in Redwood Forest, photo credit: Greg Jirak  


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Giving Tuesday 2016

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Redwood Forests for our Future, Giving Tuesday 2016

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The Redwood Forest Foundation plays a crucial role in the acquisition, restoration, conservation and sustainable management of redwood forests that clean our air and water, are home to fish and wildlife, provide jobs and fill us all with awe. We really cannot say it any better than our supporter, Lydia Bee, does here.

"The Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc. is a vital link to the preservation of the Redwoods as well as sustaining the eco-system — so vital to the forest and to us. The redwood trees are the treasures of the coast of Mendocino. Redwoods are critical to life on this planet. In RFFI you can trust that your donation will provide the ultimate care of redwoods and forest management. Please join me in supporting RFFI's incredible efforts cultivating and maintaining the Redwoods and Usal Forest."

Redwoods, large cluster, photo credit: Jeff Becker
photo credit: Jeff Becker

Redwood Bark

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