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2015 Annual Appeal

Annual Update
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Kathy Moxon, Board Chairman From the desk of Kathy Moxon
Board Chairman of the
Redwood Forest Foundation

Winter 2015

One would think that eight years after acquiring Usal Redwood Forest the critical, time-sensitive decisions by the board would diminish and the management of the forest operations would become routine—not so. Happily, the critical decisions this year have been driven by opportunity and accomplishments, including:

  • Awarding of our Forest Stewardship Council certification;

  • Creation of our own team, taking over forest management responsibility from Campbell Global, which will be completed with the hiring of two staff foresters anticipated in early 2016;

  • Registration of the Usal Redwood Forest carbon credit project, which should result in a significant reduction in our debt in 2016;

  • Wrap up of the biochar demonstration project;

  • Search for our first volunteer coordinator, whose job will be to increase community participation in RFFI and Usal activities; and

  • Completion of the 5th phase of the Standley Creek road removal and in-stream habitat restoration, plus funding approval for the final phase in 2016.

With each step the vision for RFFI and the Usal Redwood Forest becomes clearer thanks to the many people who pitch in each year to make things happen for RFFI—some are paid, but most are not. It is the common vision of a forest that serves multiple purposes -- economic, environmental and social -- that drives us forward.

"Redwood Forests for Our Future" outlines our 2015-16 priorities covering forest management, restoration, job development and workforce training, and building infrastructure to increase education and public engagement. You would not be reading this if you didn't share our vision—we are in this together. I hope you find your passion and priorities reflected in our upcoming projects and will consider contributing to make them a reality.

We have lofty aspirations. Your support and contributions can move us forward. Please contribute to the Redwood Forest Foundation and help make these aspirations a reality.

Kathleen Moxon

Redwood Bark

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