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2014 Annual Appeal

Annual Update
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Kathy Moxon From the desk of Kathy Moxon
Chairman of the Redwood Forest Foundation

As you probably know, the Redwood Forest Foundation has impressive accomplishments to our credit. We continue to make progress toward achieving important goals. Nonetheless, there are other important activities that beg to be done.

If I had my way we would:

  • Have a robust program engaging volunteers who want to get their hands dirty working out in the forest,
  • Expand the involvement of community members who want to contribute to forest management planning,
  • Offer educational opportunities for elementary and high school students who are interested in forest ecosystems, fish and wildlife,
  • Open up trails for public use,
  • Provide demonstration plots to be studied in concert with post-secondary institutions helping improve forest management for the field as a whole,
  • Create jobs beyond timber harvest jobs providing poles, mushrooms, firewood and other ancillary products Usal could produce.

Each year we get a little closer to being able to do all the things we would like to be doing on Usal. Despite our demonstrated ability to leverage our assets, the process toward these goals is slowed by our lack of resources. The wish list of activities above has been delayed because staff time must be devoted to other pressing matters -- obtaining Forest Stewardship Council Certification, for example.

We have lofty aspirations. Your support and contributions can move us forward. Please contribute to the Redwood Forest Foundation and help make these aspirations a reality.

Kathleen Moxon

Redwood Bark

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