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Redwood Forest Foundation Honors
Piercy Resident Jeff Hedin
as Volunteer of the Year

July, 2013

On July 13, 2013, the Redwood Forest Foundation (RFFI) honored Piercy resident, Jeff Hedin, at their annual meeting in Fort Bragg, as a Volunteer of the Year. Jeff Hedin is respected as an effective community leader, serves as a Commissioner and volunteer fire-fighter for the Piercy Fire Department and led the successful effort to reopen Standish Hickey State Park.

Jeff Hedin
Jeff Hedin
John Rogers, secretary of the RFFI Board, presented the award to Mr. Hedin. Rogers thanked Jeff for his effort to engage Piercy area folks in our work and for serving as an "ambassador to Usal."

Mr. Hedin performs a wide variety of services for RFFI and for community members seeking to know more about RFFI and Usal. His knowledge of Usal's forest ecology makes him an excellent tour leader, educating visitors about the geology, wildlife and fish that dwell in the forest. For example, Mr. Hedin has: provided leadership and served as RFFI's representative in the Nick's Interns program that engaged youth in restoration efforts on Usal Redwood Forest; led others in the mapping our forest; and served as an advisor for prospective Native American and Nature Study and Recreation areas at the McCoy Creek site. He conducted interviews with local residents and businesses to gather ideas and information for this planning process. In addition, he functions like a RFFI staff member helping to organize and set up annual meetings and hosts meetings for RFFI at the Piercy firehouse.

Mr. Hedin responded to the honor by remarking that RFFI has come of age."With its recent successes, RFFI, as the owner of Usal Redwood Forest, is functioning like a responsible large timberland owner by making an annual donation to the adjacent Piercy Volunteer Fire Department. Another indicator of success is the fact that, as a neighbor in the McCoy Creek canyon, I have heard the first Spotted Owl hooting since 1978." Jeff encouraged RFFI to continue its work to monetize eco-system services. He added "One cultural change we need to launch is to recognize the Biospheric Infrastructure of our lives. Then we can submit it to governance by the Public Utilities Commission, who can pay forest owners for ecosystem services, such as clean air, clean water, carbon sequestration, supporting biodiversity, etc." He thanked the Board for their outstanding work and encouraged them to plan with the community to develop recreation and renewal activities on Usal.

Jeff Hedin, right, was honored as the Redwood Forest Foundation's Volunteer of the Year. He is pictured here with Warren DeSmidt (left) and Judy Harwood (center), also honored as RFFI's Volunteers of the Year.
Jeff Hedin, right, was honored as the Redwood Forest Foundation's
Volunteer of the Year. He is pictured here with Warren DeSmidt (left)
and Judy Harwood (center), also honored as RFFI's Volunteers of the Year.

The Redwood Forest Foundation is a unique not-for-profit organization committed to "The Three E's:" Ecology, Economy and Equity. They are restoring the ecological integrity of large working landscapes, like Usal Redwood Forest; advancing free-market solutions to timberland ownership and management that support sustainable local employment while working to assure that the resource remains economically productive in perpetuity. They are promoting social equity through sustainable management solutions shaped in collaboration with regional stakeholders. For more information visit:

RFFI Board members at 2013 annual meeting
RFFI Board members at 2013 annual meeting

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