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Usal Road Improvement

RFFI collaborated with Mendocino County and the "5 C" Program to design and complete road improvements for the Usal Road, Mendocino County Rd 431, which borders Usal Redwood Forest.

The Usal Road has been dumping sediment into the Usal Creek watershed due to poor road design, abuse during wet times, and the County's lack of capacity to keep up with maintenance. The partners conducted road repairs designed to reduce sediment and to improve salmonid habitat. The road is in better shape going into this rainy season and the public-private partnership continues. The Usal Road was closed for the winter starting Nov 15, 2012; winter closure is helping to maintain these recent improvements of the road.

This large project was made possible because of the cooperative efforts of many entities. The 5 C Program is a Salmonid Restoration and Conservation Program involving Mendocino, Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity and Siskiyou Counties. Through this project, RFFI, the 5 C program and Mendocino Public Works combined their efforts to restore and protect the watershed as a part of ongoing salmonid restoration efforts. The project received funding from 5 C and Mendocino County and was used as a training exercise.


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