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Ferns in Redwood Forest, photo credit: Greg Jirak  


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Painting by Rodney Fuentabella

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Yes, Imagine Redwood forests owned and managed for the long term benefit of the community and healthy, sustainable natural systems... a healthy forest ecosystem that nourishes both the natural communities and its human communities, sustainably -- long into the future.

Spotted Owl Babies

Photo by Rozanne Rapozo

Redwood Forest Foundation (RFFI) cleared a major milestone this year by completing the sale of our conservation easement on Usal Redwood Forest and closing the sale of Shady Dell, a 957-acre parcel with coastal access, to Save the Redwoods League.

While we are pleased that we have accomplished these critical steps, the three year timeframe it took and the additional costs incurred, means that we are not as far along as we had hoped to be.

That being said, we have not been idle. Accomplishments during that period include:

  • Protected 50,000 acres for long term sustainable timber production
  • Contributed $4,000,000 to the regional economy
  • Invested $2,000,000 in forest restoration

Redwoods Jedediah Smith, by Judy Hope
"Redwoods Jedediah Smith"
by Judy Hope
RFFI has a large vision -- creating self-sustaining communities managing community held assets with a focus on benefits to future generations -- communities that give local residents both the opportunity and the responsibility to manage their natural resources effectively and to enjoy the benefits of that responsibility. Lofty goals -- ones which are at the heart of how RFFI differentiates itself as an industrial timberland owner.

Our financial structure requires that until the debt is paid, profits -- including the proceeds from the easement and sale -- be used to pay off what we owe on the land. The reality is, paying off the land will take time. Without the ability to rely on cash flows from Usal to support RFFI, our efforts to develop the community benefits of recreation, education and cultural access, local jobs and an accelerated forest restoration, depend on YOUR SUPPORT.

By donating to RFFI, you will be investing in restoring valuable timberland, enhancing wildlife and fish habitat, creating recreational, educational and cultural opportunities, providing jobs in the woods and reinvesting in our communities not only for this generation but for our children's children. The effort we put in now is a wise investment in a better future for all.

IMAGINE a redwood forest - its wildlife, habitat and streams - managed for the good of the community.

INSURE that this asset will be owned and sustainably managed to benefit generations to come.

INVEST in the Redwood Forest Foundation TODAY.

"A people without children would face a hopeless future,
a country without trees is almost as helpless.

- Theodore Roosevelt, 1910

Redwood Bark

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