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Ferns in Redwood Forest, photo credit: Greg Jirak  


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2008 Usal Forest Restoration Projects

2008 Usal Forest fuel break

The Yokahma fuel break started in 2008 is one of the first fuel breaks in Mendocino County to use a mechanical grinder on a excavator (feller-buncher). The equipment was put together and operated by Anderson Logging from Fort Bragg. As the operator and Usal foresters gain knowledge of the many applications this tool can do, more fuel breaks and thinning can be economically implemented without the use of chemicals.

2008 Usal Forest culvert

Forest roads are the largest source of human-caused sediment in streams. By going back to legacy roads in a watershed and installing long-term erosion control facilities, logging roads are hydraulically disconnected from watercourses. Once the road systems stop bleeding into the creeks, endangered fish populations significantly increase.

Redwood Bark

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