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Ferns in Redwood Forest, photo credit: Greg Jirak  


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Frequently Asked Questions

Fog settles over the Usal Redwood Forest

  • What is a Community Forest?

    See: Community Forestry: The RFFI Model

  • How is the RFFI model for community forestry different from other models?

    See: What is unique about the RFFI model

  • Why does RFFI want to buy timber land?

    See: Why We Are Concerned

  • Who is involved in RFFI?

    See: Who We Are

  • How can I participate in community outreach for RFFI?

    See: Contact RFFI

  • How can I get more information about RFFI?

    See: Introduction to the Redwood Forest Foundation: Video

  • How can I donate to RFFI?

    See: Donate

  • Questions about purchase of the Usal Redwood Forest?

    See: Usal Purchase FAQ (2007)

  • Questions about management of the Usal Redwood Forest?

    See: Usal Management FAQ (2009)

  • Redwood Bark

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