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About Biochar

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Virtual Biomass Research Library

Biomass Research Library

The Biochar Demonstration Project has attracted a high-level of interest and RFFI receives many inquiries about the project, its impact and the underlying scientific principles. RFFI welcomes your interest and questions. In conjunction with the project and in response to growing interest, RFFI is establishing this online research library with articles about biomass utilization.

The Biochar Demonstration Project is highly congruent with RFFI's vegetation management policy. In 2013, the RFFI Board declared a three-year moratorium on the use of herbicides as a means of eliminating unwanted, competing hardwoods and brush in its 50,000 acre Usal Redwood Forest. The Biochar Demonstration Project is one means of finding ecologically and economically sound uses for unwanted biomass. The library provides information about many aspects of biomass utilization including biochar production. We invite inquiries and additions to our fledgling collection.

Titles, Authors, Summary

printer friendly pdf format Biochar Demonstration Project for Pollution Remediation in Sweet Home, Oregon 2014, Family Forests of Oregon, BioLogical Carbon, and L&C Carbon; a comprehensive report about the effectiveness of using locally available biochar products to remove water-borne pollutants contained in treated outflow wastewater from the wastewater treatment plant in Sweet Home, Oregon. It also examines the economics of using forest biomass resources as potential biochar feedstock through literature review and consultation with natural resource professionals.

printer friendly pdf format Biomass Fuel Availability in Mendocino County 2006, TSS Consultants; Summary of availability in Mendocino County, including potential collection, processing, and transportation costs and market values and potential markets for woody biomass fuel- prepared for: North Coast Resource Conservation and Development Council.

printer friendly pdf format Biomass Utilization and the Carbon Cycle, Judith Harwood; Examines the question of whether or not biomass is considered to be a carbon neutral energy source.

printer friendly pdf format Ecological Assessment of Biomass Thinning in Coastal Forests 2012, Greg Giusti, U.C. Cooperative Extension; a comprehensive, illustrated review of the impacts of biomass removal on forest habitats in northwestern forests with a focus on Mendocino county.

printer friendly pdf format Ecological Impact of Biomass Removal on Forestland, Judy Harwood; A brief chart outlining source materials on this topic.

printer friendly pdf format 2013 Sonoma Biochar Initiative Citizen Science Project Final Report 2013, Raymond Baltar, Principal Investigator & Lead Author; Final report on the results and benefits of biochar use in home, school and community gardens in Sonoma county, California.

Global Impact of Biochar

Electronic Library

The Redwood Forest Foundation receives inquiries and information from around the world. Here are articles about international research and articles about biochar.

  • TANZANIA: an article about using biochar as a soil amendment to increase coffee production in Tanzania. Click here for the article

  • KENYA: An article about how Safi Sarvi(R) increases a farmer's crop yields while reducing soil acidity. Click here for the article

  • TASMANIA: An article about making your own biochar! Similar to conservation burn trainings that our Biochar Project Director Raymond Baltar conducts. Click here for the article

  • LATURQUE QUEBEC, CANADA: An article about two forest sector projects in La Tuque, Quebec and financial assistance through the Quebec Economic Development Program. Click here for the article

  • ONTARIO, CANADA: An article about the role biochar can play in creating healthy soil for a healthy environment. Click here for the article

  • ITALY: A study about dust and efficiency trade-offs in producing and using biochar. Click here for the article

  • SWITZERLAND: An article about greening the environment by using human excreta that has been converted to biochar and mixed with compost. Click here for the article

  • SWEDEN: An article about using a mixture of biochar and human excrement to trap heavy metals. Click here for the article

  • ISRAEL: New research by an Israeli scientist showing that biochar-stimulated improvements in plant growth are linked to increased microbial diversity in the root zone. Click here for the article

Biochar Demonstration Site After Selective Biomass Thinning
Biochar Demonstration Site After Selective Biomass Thinning (2014)

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