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RFFI Contracts with Raymond Baltar
of Sonoma Biochar Initiative to Conduct
a Biochar Marketing and Sales Study

Raymond Baltar In early March 2014, RFFI contracted with Raymond Baltar, of the Sonoma Biochar Initiative, to develop a marketing and sales analysis.

The study will help RFFI develop a business plan for marketing the biochar that we will begin to produce in late 2014. The study will identify and estimate the size of current and emerging markets, potential customers, and potential and current, emerging and potential distribution channels. Based on the resulting information, Mr. Baltar will develop detailed top marketing strategies.

Raymond Baltar is a founding member of the Sonoma Biochar Initiative (SBI), where he currently serves as Director. He was the project manager of their 2013 Citizen Science Biochar Project and recently established a biochar and sustainable agriculture consulting firm. Raymond is involved in building resilient and adaptive local food systems in the face of a changing climate. His experience and principles are highly congruent with the values that guide RFFI's work at the nexus of the "Three Es." Like RFFI, he works to simultaneously revitalize the local economy, restore regional ecology and promote social equity.

In 2004, after a successful career as a professional photographer, Raymond launched a new career in sustainable development after reading Paul Hawken's book, The Ecology of Commerce. A variety of accomplishments enhanced his capacity to delve deeper into the problems and opportunities inherent in our waste, energy, social and commerce systems.

While studying in the Green MBA program at Dominican University (California), Raymond became interested in biochar and sustainable food systems. His Capstone project at Dominican involved writing the business and marketing plan for a proposed 1 mega-watt biomass gasification facility at the local landfill that would also produce a large amount of biochar. He graduated with an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise in 2011.

After graduate school Raymond served as the lead author and strategist for another biochar-related business plan, a venture that also included a biodiesel manufacturing facility and algae research and development startup to be located in an Eco-park in Moss Landing, California.

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