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About the Redwood Forest Foundation

Who We Are

Usal Redwood Forest: healthy forest The Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc. (RFFI) is a private non-profit, Section 501(c)3 organization.

Our vision is to establish community-based forests that provide both critical habitat for increased biodiversity and improved regional economic vitality.

Our mission is to acquire, protect, restore, and manage forestlands and other related resources in the Redwood Region for the long-term benefit of the communities located there.

What We Do

We are striving to create a model of "working community forests" by purchasing and sustainably managing the once great redwood forests surrounding the communities of the redwood region in northwestern California. This will be for the social, environmental and economic benefit of all our citizens in perpetuity, by returning net profits directly back to the communities served.

RFFI wants its forest management practices to demonstrate respect for the integrity of forest systems. Sustainable habitat will benefit our community and our forest industry by providing high quality water, air, and forest products along with the open space that north coast residents treasure.

The jobs created by the sustained flow of forest products will provide a family-friendly income. The long-term profits will benefit the community through augmentation of existing county budgets for education, roads and public welfare. Finally, the forest will provide a space for young and old to enjoy in culturally diverse ways.

Why We Are Concerned

Millions of acres of industrial lands are being sold each year in the United States. Until now, many of these timberlands have been managed to provide short term economic gains. This has resulted in depleted forest ecosystems leading to a contentious public debate. The ability of a non-profit corporation to purchase these forestlands will break this cycle as well as enhance community opportunities.

Usal Redwood Forest: cutover land Cutover forestlands do not have the same appeal for preservation as old-growth. However, they are just as important in terms of large, landscape-scale protection and restoration of habitat. The income derived from active forest management and recreational opportunities will enable us to buy large forest tracts for their restoration, conservation and open space value, and pay back the incurred debt.

Given the past history of forest management conflicts in the Region, there is unprecedented cooperation among the very diverse members of the RFFI Board of Directors. With the universal goal to manage these lands for social, environmental and economic benefits, the Board works successfully on a consensus basis.

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